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When is it going to happen? 

It's already happening! We started listing and for almost one month we will be adding daily 5 or more new garments on EBAY , for only 10 US Dollars (or Pound Sterlings) starting price and No Reserve! More than 100 garments will be sold.

How Can I Buy?

You will need an Ebay account for participating in bidding that is done directly through Ebay. If you do not have one it is easy to register and start bidding. Click here to check our offers and don't forget to check us on a daily basis as we add more new items every day.

Which items and at what sizes will you be listing?

We will list various designs,styles and colors from our collection at various sizes (from XXS to XXL). Make sure to read the sizing details at each listing description to find the size that is suitable for you. 

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Check out the sale of the initial 26 items (image taken on Monday 24th April)

Clearance screenshot