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MAILON FURS is the biggest Fur online shop in the world. We've been selling online for more that 12 years. Our catalogue consists of more than 200 designs and we keep adding new every day. If you buy from us feel assured you are getting:

Top Quality Fur

We carefully choose each pelt we use

Excellent Manufacturing Skills

Decades of experience

Brand New Only

They look better and last longer

Straight from the Furrier

Cut the middle men & Reduce costs

Value For Money

We buy pelts directly from Auction

Excellent Communication

We address your concerns within hours

MINK COLLECTIONMore than 300 designs see our collection
BLACKGLAMAYour choice! See our collection
SAGA FOXfrom Scandinavia see our collection
MINK COLLECTIONMore than 300 designs see our collection
MINKAll natural colors and dyes see our collection

Mink Collection

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Our Labels

  • Kopenhagen Platinum
  • Blackglama
  • Black Nafa Mink
  • SAGA
  • Empress genuine 100% chinchilla
  • Barguzinsky sable
  • origin assured fur
  • American Legend Fur Auctions
  • Nafa Mink
  • Nafa Northern finest Lynx
  • Select Chinchilla Fur