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Blackglama VS Black

Whats the difference between Blackglama and other black minks? 

  • Blackglama is the fine black mink produced from US farms and sold at the American Legend Auctions in Seattle. It is natural black and short hair. Very plush, soft and shiny. 
  • Standard Black can be any other black mink from any other auction house (e.g. Saga or KopenhagenFur). Standard black can also be very good quality. The main difference is that usually the hair is a little longer in standard black than a blackglama mink. We at MAILON usually sell SAGA mink as our standard black. 
  • We also offer a variety of designs in Black Nafa minks. Black Nafa is natural black mink from Canada, very similar in quality, look and feel with Blackglama mink pelts.
  • Last, our black mink collection also includes Sheared Black mink which is a dye from other mink pelts (usually SAGA brown). 

blackglama black nafa saga mink

See the following photo description to understand the difference in hair length between standard black (classic) or blackglama / black nafa (velvet)

classic vs velvet

All those options are natural, good quality and not dyed (white leather side), except of course the Sheared Black. Whatever you choose feel assured that it is going to be great!

Remember that all our standard black mink coats can be upgraded into blackglama for a fee, and all Blackglama's can be made into standard black for a little less.