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We only use genuine Blackglama pelts purchased from the US auctions by us directly. Blackglamas are of course the finest US mink pelts of a distinct black colour.
If you purchase a Blackglama coat from us be sure that you'll receive the genuine Blackglama authenticity tags and a Blackglama authenticity label with Serial Number inside the coat. We can reproduce any regular black (SAGA) or any other item of our gallery into Blackglama on request (surcharges might apply).


Comprised of the finest Black, short-napped North American mink, Blackglama® is renowned for its unbridled luxury and elegance. Each Blackglama skin is hand selected, with less than 2% of the worlds Black mink being deemed worthy of the exclusive Blackglama name. Stylish and sophisticated, Blackglama products are internationally regarded for their superb quality and attention to detail.

All mink procured by American Legend Cooperative originate from Origin Assured farms. Origin Assured farms adhere to strict governmental and agricultural guidelines and regulations that govern mink production, ensuring that the highest standard of humane care is utilized.

The finest quality comes from the finest care.

 Click here to Verify your Blackglama coat with the serial number of the label stitched inside your MAILON FURS blackglama mink coat